Choosing the right ERP system can bring incredible value to an organization. Here's how to get the most from that investment.

Investing in an ERP system can be seen as a steep task at the beginning, but by taking the right steps can be an amazing addition to a business. ERP implementation done right will actually save you money, time, and result in an overall increase in value to an organization. Here are some steps to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Choose the right ERP solution

You can save a whole lot of wasted money and time by clearly defining your requirements. Look at all the angles from overall company goals to specific functions in each department. Know what the system will provide and how it will fit into your current infrastructure

Choose the right partner

A quality partner in the process will be able to provide top notch talent and stay with you every step of the way. Deeply discuss the details and stay away from one-size-fits all organizations. You have specific needs so pick a specific partner.

Make sure management is on board

Though senior management won’t be involved in every step of the implementation process, their opinion on the implementation needs to be supportive. When management gets behind the idea by making it a priority in their departments the whole idea of seamless integration works beautifully.

Develop a roadmap

Having a definitive plan shows stakeholders exactly how the implementation will go and leads to much higher approval. Staying organized gives you strong control throughout the process.

Establish a cross-functional implementation team

By simply gathering a member of each department as a team you will be able to better address needs. When each part of an organization has a say the buy in to the implementation process will be far higher.

Deploy ERP in segments

Don’t make the mistake of going all out at implementation time. Take time to release ERP to single segments of the organization to maximize focus on quality.


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